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Nice job! I especially liked the beginning. It had a great atmosphere. I thought you lost it a little by the end, especially the last 30 seconds.

The droning synth in the background is pretty obnoxious. I think its partly the sound and partly the fact that it doesn't vary at all in either the notes or the dynamics. Also the pan flute is pretty cheesy at the end.

I would say that if you were going for a 90's retro game theme then this might be ok.

I really like it, hope you win

GhostLawyer responds:

Thank you!

Wow this is great! Sounds professional, keep it up you may go somewhere with this.

Jimmypig responds:

Ahh thanks dude. I might actually do a house album since it's an area I really haven't ever tried!

Nice job!

NimJay responds:

Thank you very much.

Liked the choice in synth and the tempo.

Nice job, could definitely see this on a video game like a platformer or a race against the clock.

Wow that is really, really good. Your hard work really comes through in this piece. Its beautiful and dark. Also very well played.

MetroPiano responds:

Thank you very much! I was actually listening to one of your recent uploads not to long ago, haha, it was actually quite the opposite in mood from this piece but I still enjoyed it quite a bit!

Hey I know its fun just to sit around and jam and go crazy on your instruments but it doesn't mean it sounds good. There was clearly no work or thought put into the making of this song which means that there is nothing really to appreciate in it either.

You all sound talented at individual instruments, you just need to actually think about and work on actually creating a song together. Yeah it takes a little more work, but it will sound a lot better.

frootza responds:

Thanks I had no idea this is what I have to do. So helpful. Very good! We'll think about that next time or something.


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Nice job, I could even see this being used as something more than a menu theme! I liked the variety and the riffs, really cool.

Shadowblackfox responds:

thanks i do like experimenting

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